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The Kriotube The Kriotube

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Better Than Buzztone

This song is way better than Buzztone Symphony. The beginning gave me an erection, and right now, I'm at about halfway. It been great so far. I like the slow down, and then the way it break down into the sentimental slow percussion. Then that bleepy noise enters, and that's cool. I like different music, which is a big reason why I'm into techno, and a big reason why I rated Buzztone Symphony a not ten. It wounds like all of your other songs, and this song sounds different, with enough similiarities to match your style. Oh, shit, the ending is great at about 5:30.

I think Kriotube lacks a lot of impact. It doesn't rock my socks off, it just, slips them off gently, like a thief in the night instead of the music-magic-icon it should be.

But Goddamn, the beginning is awesome. Like Final Fantasy and Sex.

The beginning: Splendid
The end: Magical
The middle: ALMOST as Good as Sex

Buzztone Symphony Buzztone Symphony

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Brilliant, Amazing, and Par for Course

It was good. But, it's not as good as your other stuff. Surface, Cloud Control, Operation Evolution, and a few others are certainly better. There was something BORING about this song. I don't know, but you've gone from being my favorite to being in the top five. I really love how it breaks down at 1:27. But t sounds very generic Dimrain stuff to me. Like you've taken the old themes of yours and changed them, then taken the way those songs progressed, and used that. It's just . . . not dandy, but dapper, if you catch my drift. It's better than a six, but not good enough for a ten. A solid eight, perhaps.

Oh shit, this part right here, near the end, with the guitar riffs? That was fucking great. It need more UMPH though. Also, it reminds me to much of Operation Evolution. It sounds way to much like you took your old songs and remixed.

The beginning: Brilliant,.
The end: Amazing
The middle: Par

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Blue Horizons Blue Horizons

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

God Damn Amazing

I heard the song and started scribbling- I'm and artist, and this song made me scribble pretty. For somereason it turned out looking like a park during nuclear warfare. Then I came back and read your comment on the song and decided you were to specific. the song makes you think of hope, but a sort of calm hope. I thought some of the parts were a little disjointed, but it really came out to be a great song. Did you play the guitar parts yourself, or make them some other way?

ANYWAYS, the song is god damn amazing, for your reference. I don't really like the Kick/Snare that starts at 3:55. Either the snare is to harsh or the beat is wierd. Maybe both, I dunno. But ignore my misgivings- this is great song. I like it. Really calm and all that.


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watermusic34 responds:

Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you liked it so much and that it helped you draw. I made the guitar parts in FL8. If I could play guitar like that, I would love it. I'll stick to playing the keyboards for now though, haha. Thanks for telling me about the snare being too harsh for you. It's nice to get a criticism that is somewhat intelligent instead of "it sucked" or something like that, haha.
Thanks again!

Zelda Memories Zelda Memories

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Pretty much all there is to say.

Zelda OoT: Forest Echoes Zelda OoT: Forest Echoes

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Epic Remake

This was beautifully done, an epic remake and what I define as a remix- this is what they should all be. Taking a song, and writing it as your own, making it completely new besides a few old, good things left in. Yours has done that.

In the beginning, the Flute solo seemed a little stressed, like there was to much vibrado, or something, and it sounded cheesy, but that was the olny down time. The flute solo begins to end, and then the strings kick in and it adds an air of mystery, then the cello and harp, adding more to the mystery and deep forest feel. Drum roll please? Epic, the low brass starts to play and yours song gets to the sweet spot, big and loud, making it feel like some epic confrontation of Link's, and suddenly you switch to the dark, playful, mysterious thing. This is what I love the strings completely reimagining the song again, making it darker, more mysterious, suddenly epic, then back to that dark mysterious thing.

I'm writing this in sync with the music, or trying, so I keep having to go back, pause, then play again. The second? flute solo sounded much less cheesy than the first, and nearly up to par with everything else, and when the drums rolled as the flute crescendo'd, I felt my skin tingle, and started humming to your song. The low brass compliments the strings so well, and then they switch the melody, and the strings complement the brass. It's performed so well- though the ending wasn't what i wanted. It seemed to short, crisp, unlike the rest of the song, it didn't feel like it was blending well.

Anywho, your song is amazing, and I've already downloaded it. Do more stuff like this, epic and mysterious, and a little playful at times. The flute thing brought it down from its ten, but if you revisited this, I could definitely change that. 4/5, yo.

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Surface Surface

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Magical . . . Near Perfect

My God, this is amazing. My favorite song of yours, I believe, and in my opinion, you're one of, if not the, best techno artist on NG. This song has sent many a happy story through my mind, epic, cheerful, desperate; I can't even find a way to express it. Chills in my legs, maybe from this brilliant four minutes of music, maybe from taking those pills, it doesn't seem to matter right now, Surface is electric, intense, and satisfying.

The song starts off with the steam-sounding noise and then goes into the sugar rush, and the greatness begins to form. The deeper synth kicks in and brings in that epic, desperate theme in, but keeps all the happy there. Then the orchestral part, taking you completely unawares, knocking the breath out of you and sending ice into your fingers. The steam comes back in, the beat kicks up, and the imagery shuffles from a mournful last stand to an epic confrontation, and then it slows down again, a sorrowful moment, perhaps, but no one really cares when the techno kicks in. Nothing matters when techno kicks in but techno. The theme is so great I could listen for a day, but then I know the endings coming when it gets faster, and fades. The song ends, and I liste to it a third time, and probably a fourth. It's sort of magical, in a way, how the song kind of eats you in, chews you up, yet when your spit back out it's probably the best thing that's ever musically happened to my ears. If I could complain, which I can't, but I need to say something, for when you remix this song. It needs to be louder, more noise, if you understand. It doesn't fill my speakers, or headset, if you catch the drift I'm subtly throwing you.

Anywho, remix this, and I'll sell you my sould. I want you to come back to this song, and write it again, but better. I know you can, this song is amazing, near perfect, but that's just it. Near. I'm not a musical genius, you are, and- dear God I'm begging you- remix this, please. For not only me, or your other fans, but for the good of all techno around the world, for the good of mankind, remix this.

Please, daddy?

PS- I really wanted to give you a nine point eight, but it wouldn't let me, s I settled at a nine. I'm saving that ten for perfection, which I'm waiting to come from you.

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