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Ragnarok Online D.P. Ep.2 Ragnarok Online D.P. Ep.2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

An Ace Stuffed Soundly Down the Hole

I remember watching the first of this series not too long ago, and most of the details.This one, though, is an ace stuffed soundly down the hole, with a few minor breaks and bends.

The graphics are good, better than most though not perfect, and not to hard to pull off. I thought your voice actors were good, but it's very rare that you get perfection- the guy who played your Assassin Cross , though, was goddamn amazing. Everyone else's acting sounded a little forced, but you take what you get and don't ask for more, right?

I found the joke about the priest cliche, and unoriginal, though this is an Anime in essence, so I can't say it was unexpected. You didn't put enough emphasis towards the joke to make it matter, though, so it seemed an after thought. The afterthought thing seemed to stick with your flash, too, because the sound effects weren't loud enough in the fight scene. I couldn't feel the hits, and so it made the fight a little less enthusiastic and far out.

Your story line seems just like any other action/adventure out there, with the great potential thing and how the assassins were just 'testing' them, and whenever they say that the main characters shrug off the brutal attack on their lives and follow the assassin like lambs to slaughter.

Overall, I liked it, but mostly for the action scene. The story is iffy, and the graphics are good. A few improvements here and some tweaks there, and you, sir, are a winner.

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Xionico responds:

yeah O_o I understand your points and I recognize that the story was somewhat forced, but don't worry, I'm not sure what was I thinking a year ago (when the script was done) but be sure that it's being re written for the following episodes (as well as the cliché jokes).

A winner will be me :D

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The Kriotube The Kriotube

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Better Than Buzztone

This song is way better than Buzztone Symphony. The beginning gave me an erection, and right now, I'm at about halfway. It been great so far. I like the slow down, and then the way it break down into the sentimental slow percussion. Then that bleepy noise enters, and that's cool. I like different music, which is a big reason why I'm into techno, and a big reason why I rated Buzztone Symphony a not ten. It wounds like all of your other songs, and this song sounds different, with enough similiarities to match your style. Oh, shit, the ending is great at about 5:30.

I think Kriotube lacks a lot of impact. It doesn't rock my socks off, it just, slips them off gently, like a thief in the night instead of the music-magic-icon it should be.

But Goddamn, the beginning is awesome. Like Final Fantasy and Sex.

The beginning: Splendid
The end: Magical
The middle: ALMOST as Good as Sex

Buzztone Symphony Buzztone Symphony

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Brilliant, Amazing, and Par for Course

It was good. But, it's not as good as your other stuff. Surface, Cloud Control, Operation Evolution, and a few others are certainly better. There was something BORING about this song. I don't know, but you've gone from being my favorite to being in the top five. I really love how it breaks down at 1:27. But t sounds very generic Dimrain stuff to me. Like you've taken the old themes of yours and changed them, then taken the way those songs progressed, and used that. It's just . . . not dandy, but dapper, if you catch my drift. It's better than a six, but not good enough for a ten. A solid eight, perhaps.

Oh shit, this part right here, near the end, with the guitar riffs? That was fucking great. It need more UMPH though. Also, it reminds me to much of Operation Evolution. It sounds way to much like you took your old songs and remixed.

The beginning: Brilliant,.
The end: Amazing
The middle: Par

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Blue Horizons Blue Horizons

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

God Damn Amazing

I heard the song and started scribbling- I'm and artist, and this song made me scribble pretty. For somereason it turned out looking like a park during nuclear warfare. Then I came back and read your comment on the song and decided you were to specific. the song makes you think of hope, but a sort of calm hope. I thought some of the parts were a little disjointed, but it really came out to be a great song. Did you play the guitar parts yourself, or make them some other way?

ANYWAYS, the song is god damn amazing, for your reference. I don't really like the Kick/Snare that starts at 3:55. Either the snare is to harsh or the beat is wierd. Maybe both, I dunno. But ignore my misgivings- this is great song. I like it. Really calm and all that.


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watermusic34 responds:

Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you liked it so much and that it helped you draw. I made the guitar parts in FL8. If I could play guitar like that, I would love it. I'll stick to playing the keyboards for now though, haha. Thanks for telling me about the snare being too harsh for you. It's nice to get a criticism that is somewhat intelligent instead of "it sucked" or something like that, haha.
Thanks again!